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Medical Tourism! India- Dominant Player of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is made possible and has gained popularity due to the advancement in medical technology, more affordable travel and the availability of information provided by the mass


As medical costs accelerate, patients are finding alternatives for low-cost treatment, and going abroad to get healthy seems very appealing. Lured by the promise of high quality, reliable medical care at a lower cost, patients are flying across the globe for medical treatment that they otherwise would not have access to easily due to prohibitive costs, long waiting time or unavailability of treatment in their home country.

The promise of medical care and the attraction of exotic places are taking people places for medical care.

International patients are flocking for elective and cosmetic procedures, an increasing pool of patients are getting their ailing heart fixed or have hip replaced in country such as India- Greatest hub for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is not new to India – housing some of the world’s best medical care providers

that are equipped with technological sophistication and infrastructure, Indian Health Industry has vast experience in dealing with overseas patients, medical tourists have no qualms about traveling to India to receive medical treatment.

Hospitals in India are carving out an outstanding reputation for themselves, drawing overseas patients with top-notch doctors, low cost treatment, high-tech equipments and high quality patient

 Key Benefits of Health Tourism: Indian Healthcare

  • Medical Tourism-Indian Health Industry  is a real solution to the high cost of Healthcare in US and other developed countries or for those who don’t have much advance healthcare system.
  • It means travelling to India-Dominant player of Medical Tourism-for sophisticated medical treatment, resulting in tremendous savings and an opportunity to visit exotic location.
  • Especially relevant for people without health insurance.
  • Non elective procedures such as Cardiac Surgeries ,Cancer Treatments ,Bone Marrow Transplants ,Liver Transplants , Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements ,Dental Care, Infertility Treatment, Eye Care and Cosmetic surgeries  have rapidly gained popularity in Indian Healthcare System.
  • India, with excellent hospitals, state of art equipment, extremely well trained doctors and medical staff coupled with huge savings in costs, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, makes for a hot destination.

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Top 10 Hospitals

The Hospitals in Delhi have advanced hardware to manage basic patients. There are numerous Multispecialty

Top 10 Hospitals

The Hospitals in Mumbai have great multispecialty services to offer.

Top 10 Hospitals

The Hospitals in Chennai have the cutting edge technology which is very useful for new era diseases.

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